JSP Legal Advisors is a team of legal advisors, legal trainees and lawyers headed by Maciej Skrzypek and Marcin Jagodziński. The Firm provides legal services to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and public sector entities.
The Law Firm’s team currently consists of eighteen people, which allows us to carry out complex projects and provide efficient day-to-day legal services for micro, small and medium enterprises. The Firm provides complementary services, cooperating with tax advisors, accountants, auditors and appraisers. We also provide legal services for individual clients as a Private Lawyer (family matters of our clients, legal advice on asset management).

The Firm advises entrepreneurs in many industries, including:
a. new technologies (electronics, robotics, industrial lighting systems),
b. financial (investment funds, VC projects),
c. information technology (software production, licensing models),
d. construction and development (execution of facilities and infrastructure),
e. real estate (transactions, legal analysis, consulting),
f. local government (municipalities and local government institutions),
g. business environment institutions (investor support, including cooperation with special economic zones).

The primary goal and task of the Law Firm is to provide our clients with full legal security. In our activity we aim to capture the needs of our clients in order to offer the best legal solutions from the client’s perspective.

We provide comprehensive legal services for procedures of concluding contracts and transactions. We have wide experience in preparing drafts and templates of agreements, general terms and conditions, regulations and other documents used in trading. Our services include, among others:

  1. drafting and verifying draft agreements, including those with an international element and those using international rules (including INCOTERMS)
  2. conducting negotiations in the procedure of concluding and conditions of contracts
  3. preparation of model contracts and general terms and conditions of contracts, including those intended for relations with consumers
  4. advisory on contract law, including performance of obligations, exercise of the parties’ rights, protection and preservation of their legal interests
  5. drafting opinions on contract law, taking into consideration tax law, EU law and international law

Our support also covers complementary services, including tax and accounting advice.

Industry specialization allows the Firm to effectively carry out tasks in the field of contracts, as the team of the Firm has knowledge of the specifics and economic realities of the given industry.

One of the key specialisations of the Firm is corporate law. Services of this specialization include in particular:

  1. setting up companies, transformations, mergers, divisions and other transactions concerning companies (acquisitions, liquidations, bankruptcies), including companies established abroad
  2. conducting registration and other proceedings related to the conduct of business activity
  3. day-to-day services for companies in the field of commercial law, including preparation of corporate documentation and legal services for company bodies
  4. due diligence and compliance

The Law Firm intensively develops the practice of legal support of transactions to raise capital by companies, in particular from investment funds at various stages of their development. In this respect we provide services of:

  1. conducting investment transactions, shaping project structures, negotiating and preparing transaction documents (VC, JV, PE, M&A), including comprehensive transactional and corporate support
  2. legal support of other processes of raising capital by companies (bond and share issues, debt financing, including credit),

Within the scope of capital markets law the Law Firm provides the following services:

  1. legal services concerning the regulations of the Polish stock market (Warsaw Stock Exchange) and NewConnect, as well as regulations governing the capital market (Act on Public Offer, Act on Trading, market regulations, good practices, regulation concerning reports and current information)
  2. broadly understood compliance in terms of companies’ activities
  3. legal services related to bond issues (comprehensive support, organisation of all transaction participants, relations with the National Depository of Securities)
  4. in the field of protection of corporate interests of shareholders

The Law Firm has expert knowledge and experience in the field of employment law. We offer full scope of legal services in the field of conclusion, amendment and termination of employment relationships – both for entrepreneurs and in the local and state government area.

Services provided by the Law Firm in this respect include, among others:

  1. preparation and verification of employment contracts, managerial contracts, including for members of management boards and executives
  2. drafting and implementation of rules of cooperation of shareholders and members of the bodies with the company under various legal relationships
  3. legal services to employers with respect to execution of employment contracts, establishment, amendment and termination of employment relationships, including during disputes with employees or in the event of collective disputes
  4. development of legal relations with employees and contractors in creative industries (in particular, creators, IT specialists, artistic performers), in particular, with regard to tax issues concerning tax deductible costs
  5. legal support within the scope of shaping the principles of employees remuneration and its additional forms, including the programmes of managerial options
  6. drafting and verifying non-competition and confidentiality agreements, securing employer’s interests with respect to know-how and employee loyalty
  7. legal support and preparation of documentation in the area of selection and implementation of work time systems and schedules adjusted to the needs of employers
  8. preparation of labour law regulations, including work regulations, remuneration regulations, benefit fund regulations, organisational regulations
  9. legal support in relations with the Social Insurance Institution, National Labour Inspectorate and Tax Office
  10. legal support for issues related to the employment of foreigners

We have wide experience and knowledge in the field of law of trade of land, build up, industrial, office and residential real estates. Within the real estate law practice we offer full legal support in real estate transactions (sale, lease, rental, management), starting from strategy development, through legal analyses and expert opinions, preparation of draft agreements and other documents related to the transaction, to support the negotiation process with the counterparty.

In terms of real estate law the we offer:

  1. legal services in real estate transactions, including preparation of transactions related to the acquisition of real estate (preparation of documents, negotiations),
  2. analysis of the legal status of real estate
  3. regulation of the legal status of real estate
  4. legal support of development activity, including construction and development of commercial, industrial and residential real estate and leasing of office space
  5. legal support in negotiation processes

One of the most important specializations of the Law Firm is also support of the construction investment process. We provide legal support in many projects in the field of residential construction (developers), infrastructure, industrial and office investments. Services provided by the Law Firm include in particular:

  1. advice on the preparation of the investment process, including local plans, environmental decisions, water law
  2. preparation of development, sale and lease agreements for real estate
  3. legal support in preparation and negotiation of construction works contracts
  4. legal support in obtaining permits from public administration authorities
  5. legal support in contacts with banks, insurers, guarantors in terms of financial instruments used during construction process

The Firm has an intensive practice in public procurement law. Our clients are both contracting authorities and contractors. Our services include in particular

  1. preparation of tender documentation, including instructions for contractors, contract templates, internal documentation
  2. legal advisory in terms of choosing the type of tender procedure
  3. conducting proceedings as a proxy
  4. drafting letters and queries to the contracting authority, clarifying the contents of tender documentation
  5. legal support for the contractors in obtaining contracts, including negotiating and drafting documentation on the use of third-party resources
  6. representing contractors before the authorities in appeal procedures
The firm has extensive experience in the field of data protection. The firm has extensive experience in the field of data protection. The services also include complementary services related to e.g. IT network security, provided by the IT specialists cooperating with our Law Firm
Within the framework of personal data protection regulations our Law Firm provides services such as:
  1. analysis of the state of personal data protection
  2. comprehensive preparation and implementation of documents and procedures for personal data protection in terms of the RODO and the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, including personal data protection policy and security instructions, the principles of entrusting personal data processing, the content of information obligations, the content of consent to personal data processing, the register of personal collections
  3. legal advising on current issues related to personal data protection, including the grounds for processing, processing activities, risks and incidents
  4. legal advisory and support regarding claims on personal data and risks related to administrative and criminal liability
  5. provision of support in the area of personal data protection, development and maintenance of privacy principles, provision of a comprehensive service of a Data Protection Inspector
  6. advisory services related to the processing of personal data in connection with the provision of electronic services
  7. advisory services related to privacy policies on websites, cookies policy

Our lawyers have expert knoweledge and great experience in….Service provided by our Law Firm.

  1. legal services concerning intellectual property issues, in particular based on the Industrial Property Law Act and Copyright and Related Rights Act
  2. preparation and negotiation of agreements concerning intellectual property, including license agreements and agreements on transfer of intellectual property rights
  3. legal advice on protection of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, utility models, trade names, geographical indications
  4. conducting proceedings before the Polish Patent Office
  5. counselling on issues related to copyright protection, including electronic exploitation of works (including online copyright infringement)
  6. legal support in matters related to infringements of industrial property rights and copyrights
  7. legal support with respect to acts of unfair competition by contractors, competitors and employees
  8. legal services for authors and performing artists in the area of copyright protection, related rights and proper management of these rights

The Law Firm provides services for IT entities and IT projects. Services include in particular:

  • drafting and verification of software production agreements
  • advice on transactions with Polish and foreign entities
  • legal and transaction advisory services concerning the product distribution model
  • legal advice on essential components of a service or product, including licenses, infrastructure, guarantees, maintenance responses, software development models
  • advice on related issues such as RODO, privacy policy, electronically delivered services

Our tax law practice is aimed at providing complementary support to our clients in their day-to-day operations and ongoing projects.

  1. tax advisory
  2. tax planning, including within a capital group
  3. individual tax interpretations
  4. legal support in the field of customs law
  5. representation before tax administration authorities
  6. legal advisory in the scope of public aid for entrepreneurs (de minimis aid, public investment support)
  7. legal counseling in projects financed from public funds, including EU funds
  8. legal support in contacts with banks, insurers, guarantors in the scope of financial instruments used in current activity (loans, credits, leases, pledges, bonds, bills of exchange)

Providing litigation and conciliation services is an integral part of the legal practice.

  1. representation in court proceedings (civil law, labor law, family law, housing law, commercial law, copyright law, criminal law)
  2. representation in arbitration proceedings
  3. legal support and negotiations in pre-litigation and conciliation proceedings

The firm provides legal services to individual clients in the full range of life matters, particularly property and family matters. These services include, but are not limited to:

  1. legal support for running family businesses and the rules of succession
  2. protection of good name and other personal rights
  3. legal support in family law matters (divorce, parental authority)
  4. legal support in management and protection of family assets
  5. legal support in inheritance law and proper protection of property interests
  6. tax analyses
  7. issues in labour law, funeral law, banking and insurance law

These services includein particul.

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Marcin Jagodziński, wspólnik radca prawny doktor nauk prawnych